Pynomatic ATC
Helium Gas Pycnometry for Solids and Powders Density
Simple and Fast

Pycnomatic uses  helium as a probe gas. This features a very small
atomic size that can even permeate the extremely narrow pores in a
solid, permitting the determination of the real volume occupied by
the sample. The ratio of the dried sample weight and the volume
measured by the pycnomatic gives the real density of the material.
The high thermal conductivity of helium and its ideal gas behavior
at room temperature, make this technique extemel reliable and fast.
A wide range of application

Density measurement is a fundamental parameter required for a full
characterization of the properties of solids and is applicable in a
wide array of technological fields such as: ceramics, mineralogy,
geology, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, pigments, building materials,
foams, plastics, abrasivs and catalyst, just to name the most
important. Pycnomatic is designed to meet the analytical
requirements at any level. It is extremely fast and easy to use for
quality control, without compromising precision and it gives
unrivalled accuracy for research applications without wasting
valuable analyst time
ThermoFisher's Pycnomatic ATC
is the first real multi-volume gas
pycnometer with integrated
automatic temperature control
Utmost Flexibility assured by
real multi-volume capability
Large Display with
Alpha-numeric Keyboard
allows detailed and
comprehensive sample
Unique Features and Benefits
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