Pascal Series Mercury Porosimeters
Microstructure Surface Analysis Instruments
A revolution in Mercury Porosimetry

ThermoFisher's line of Pascal series mercury porosimeters offers a
revolutionary new pressurization technique capable of generating a
high resolution penetration curve within a fast 9 minutes. The "Pascal"
method automatically determines the correct pressurization speed
according to the presence of pores and to the actual mercury
penetration rate thereby eliminating dead time during the analysis.
The "Pascal" method is fully automatic and there is no need to have a
detailed knowledge of the sample. An extremely easy and fast way to
do macropore and mesopore analyses! The mercury filling process is
visible to the user thus ensuring bubble free mercury introduction.
A modular system with three models

Pascal 140
is a fully automatic, low pressure, high resolution
porosimeter which can be used for unattended sample preparation
(degassing station), dilatometer filling with fresh mercury and
macropore analysis of solids or particle size analysis of powders. It
operates from vacuum up to 400 Kpa absolute pressure.

Pascal 240 is a very versatile high pressure porosimeter operating
up to 200 Mpa. Its large volume autoclave and special capacity
detection system accept dilatometers of different sizes, thus
permitting the analysiis of all types of samples.

Pascal 440 is an exceptional porosimeter providing heretofore an
incredible resolution and analysis speed up to 400 Mpa. It is
designed to study very hard materials and covers a pore range down
to the lower mesopore limit.
Pascal 140 (400Kpa)
Pascal 240 (200Mpa)
Pascal 440 (400Mpa)
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