GC-Olfactometry (Sniffer9000)
The human nose is often more sensitive than any physical detector, and GC-O exhibits powerful capabilities that can
be applied to flavors and perfumes, as well as to any odoriferous products (e.g. pollutants). Olfactometry (or
“sniffing”) techniques also allow the determination of impact odorants in food.

At the heart of the Sniffer 9000 GC-O system is the dedicated GC/Olfactometer heated Interface that is developed
by Brechbühler with over 30 years experience in implementing hyphenated techniques by using special designed

Can be installed onto any GC brand
GC Micropreparative System (Prep9000)
Ever thought about means of collecting chromatographically separated pure gas fractions for further analysis on
different analytical instruments? Prep9000 is your ideal solution!

The Prep9000 micropreparative system can take up to 10 adsorption tubes in the fraction collector to
automatically (full software control) collect separated gas fractions.

Can be installed onto any GC brand
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